Plastics and rubber processing

Plastics, both thermosets and thermoplastics are processed through direct compression, transfer or injection.

The raw materials used are:

- Thermosoftening plastic: low and high density polyethylene, polyamide, polypropylene, polycarbonate, ABS, General Purpose Polystyrene and Polystyrene Shock, etc.

- Thermosetting plastic: bakelite, aminoplast, fenocord, fire retardant polyester resin reinforced with fiberglass, etc.

- A mix of general purpose, special purpose and silicone rubber.

All technologies used within the work teams are checked to be in conformity with the control plans, thereby preventing any nonconformities.

The characteristics of raw materials and other materials are guaranteed by suppliers upon the statement of compliance / Analysis Report lot of data sheets and certificates of guarantee.


Within the work team, various products are assembled, such as: lift parts for repair, maintenance and upkeep (button element, lightbulb element, semi-automatic door lock, damper, short and long rod electric device, buttonhole pool, etc., terminals with 6, 8, 9 terminals, various industrial parts).

Mechanical processing

Brass, copper or steel metal inserts are made for products having such components and other different metal profiles.

Also, on the mechanical presses the sheet metal is cut (TDA, copper or aluminium), stamped and bent in order to achieve the desired subassemblies.

Mould design and manufacturing

We manufacture new moulds according to projects developed, but also perform the repairing and maintenance of existing ones.

We manufacture and design upon request any stencil and/or product from fire retardant polyester resin, reinforced with fiberglass, plastic, rubber and bakelite!

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