30 years of experience
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About us

Established in 1991, SC TNL SRL is a privately-owned company. In its 30 years of experience, the production was diversified by assimilating new parts into manufacturing, which were used in various fields, such as subway cars and lines, railway wagons, trams, trolleys, lifts, etc.

Our main lines of activity are:

The production of plastic parts: gear channel/melt-delivery channel, plates Hall probe, etc.

Production of electrical insulators: CFR tubes, terminal connectors, coil housing, contact terminals, etc.

Design and execution of SDVs: moulds - plastics or bakelite, dies, etc.

Production of spare parts for lifts: semiautomatic door lock, patina lining, button element, short and long rod electric device, electric device with sled, claws, head contact line, lever, transducers, cover with buttonhole 1+3, etc.

The Company has established and applies a quality management system in accordance with SR EN 9001: 2008.

Moreover, it has a Railway Supplier Authorization for rubber and plastic products used in railway and subway, all products classified in classes of criticality being approved by the Romanian Railway Notified Body - AFER.

S.C. Tehnica Nouă Liberă SRL is constantly looking to improve its performance by modernizing its production processes, increasing the level of professional training of its employees, implementing the newest solutions in the field. Achieving these objectives results in a higher level of trust from the customers in the products offered.

We manufacture and design upon request any stencil and/or product from fire retardant polyester resin, reinforced with fiberglass, plastic, rubber and bakelite!

Contact Phone: 021 242 25 72